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Test, Measurement & Assurance
... the "plug-and-play" approach
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 To understand true Quality of Service (QoS), Operators are moving away from relying solely on site statistics and instead placing an emphasis on continuous customer and location centric monitoring. 

By deploying our On-Device Agents and Plug-and-Play Testing Units, Operators are able to pro-actively measure 360° customer experiences. Our devices and advanced back-end analysis tools empower a wide range of departments to continuously monitor QoS 24/7/365. As our testing solutions are fully autonomous, metrics are collected, analysed and presented automatically. The KQIs calculated based on these metrics provide a better understanding of how subscribers experience your network.

  • Fast ‘Plug & Play’ deployment with no specialist training
  • Continuous stream of data, automatically processed & analysed 
  • Cost-effective data collection in near real-time 
  • Highly scalable, allowing for internal and external testers

We combine a rich range of data sources, from OSS KPIs, to trouble tickets and maintenance, monitoring all aspects of the networks, alarming and alerting Operators instantly if any Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) have been breached. By combining this data, Corporate Account Managers have been able to proactively ensure the network is consistently delivering and fulfilling the Corporate Service Level Agreements (SLAs) as well as Network Operations teams ensuring vendors are continually meeting their SLAs. This allows Operators to proactively monitor and react quickly to possible service degradations before the SLA breach impacts end user experiences.

Our approach to Test, Measurement and Assurance has enabled operators to have tools at their disposal to establish exactly where and when service levels have fallen. In turn, ensuring they are able to differentiate their network by consistently providing excellent service levels to their customers.

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