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Telecoms Analytics for Strategic Operations

When your information requests have taken days or even weeks to get back to do you know the data is still relevant enough to fuel your activities once you've received it? This is an issue faced across every facet of an operator’s business. Engineers drive test data has taken too long to centralise, site data fails to make it to customer care departments and management can't get the data they need to fuel the reports needed to confidently identify areas for investment. By looking to break down this siloed approach, data pertaining to network performance and operations can help to drive a much greater degree of insight and efficiency.

The ultimate goal of the SmartTools suite can be summed up in a single word: Centralisation. With a greater degree of centralisation boosting cross-departmental access to information, a wider range of teams can make use of it to promote the efficiency and success of their roles, ultimately helping you to drive more value from your data. With our cloud-powered toolset offering intelligent processing of integrated business data sets, more departments can take faster commercial advantage of the information.

Metricell's SmartTools include solutions for those involved in:

  •  Radio Planning and Optimisation
  •  Subscriber Care
  •  Retail Outlets
  •  Management and Customer Communications.

Regardless of the user, these packages are designed with ease-of-use, flexibility and scalability as standard.

You can find out more on our four SmartTools below. Click for further information...


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