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About Us

Our product portfolio is tried and trusted by world-leading Mobile Operator Groups, and their Tier 1 vendors.

Metricell is a leader in geospatial intelligence tools that help mobile operators answer key questions about their business: Responsible for a number of first-to-market products, our technology is now in use by operators worldwide including Europe's three largest mobile network operators. Our focus is to meet the expanding needs of wireless network operators to improve the commercial performance of their organisations. We understand the need to provide a critical bridge between subscribers and the multiple facets of a network operator: from customer support through marketing to operations and strategy.

Metricell management and engineers have many years of experience working within leading operators and manufacturers such as Orange, O2, MTN, T-Mobile, Ericsson and Siemens. We are presently delivering technology-leading solutions to some of the largest European network operators.  As a result, our deployments deliver usability and functionality to complex, multi-technology operators with mixed-vendor environments. Metricell are proud to have played key roles in pioneering projects that have changed the landscape of UK mobile telecommunications, such as the merger of the T-Mobile and Orange networks.

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